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Qiao tongue, health fitness. There is a close relationship between the tongue and the visceral people, the frequent movement of the tongue, can not only enhance the digestion and absorption of food,t25 core speedbut also help to enhance the human body internal organs function, physical fitness! Every day early, late each do. Method is, tongue licking palate motion can be tongue gently against the upper palate, t25 cheapthen tongue in positive and negative on the hard palate is around 36 times each; or with the tongue licking palate, swing around 36 times. To slobber increases 3 times, swallow. Tongue licking with the tongue lick gum movement friction inside the gum, from the top down, t25 deltaclose to the upper and lower gingival circle, and the 36 circle. Then, with the tongue licking rub lip buccal and labial buccal 36 ring, order as above; t25 delta phaseor with the tongue lick friction inside gums, swinging around 36 times, and then the tongue licking rub lip buccal and labial buccal 36 times. To slobber increases 3 times, t25 focusswallow. Tongue movement forward as far as possible out of the tongue, tongue stretching feeling, when the tongue can no longer elongation, the shortening of the tongue in the mouth. This telescopic tongue has a tight loose, a total of 36 times. To slobber increases 3 times, swallow. I often on tiptoe, benefits, long time standing and sedentary people will feel the foot swelling and numbness, t25 gamma reviewsevere lower extremity varicose vein, this is due to long time keep cause limb blood circulation caused by poor a posture is not active. When you play chess, play cards or standing for a long time does not move, the best one hour or so to do a "tiptoe" movement, is constantly raised his heel, lower limb blood circulation is smooth, mainly * heel lift on the calf muscle contraction extrusion, every time when the contraction squeeze blood is roughly equivalent to the heart with each beat out blood volume. Often stood on tiptoe, can not only avoid the lower limb soreness and numbness, but also to activities of the limbs and head, eliminate long time with the brain is highly concentrated, suddenly stand and blacked out, faint fault, is conducive to their own health protection.